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Meghan McCain Says She and Her Co-Hosts Are Treated Unfairly Because of 'Sexism'

Gettyimages | Tasos Katopodis
By Daniel Johnson

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Congressman John McCain and co-host for the weekday morning show' The View,' discussed how she felt the fact the five women (herself, Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Behar, Abby Huntsman, and Sunny Hostin), are treated unfairly by some.

"I wish people would just give us a fair shot because it’s a serious show that’s taken seriously and it has made me more cognizant of how women who are running for president are perceived."

McCain joined the show in 2017 as the only conservative voice on the program. This changed following Sara Haines' departure to join Michael Strahan on "Good Morning America" and the addition of another daughter of a conservative politician, Abby Huntsman.

McCain argues in the interview that 'The View' is treated to a higher standard in comparison to other shows that feature an all-male cast.

"I don’t think we’re treated fairly," she says. "I never really cry 'sexism' that easily – I’m very hesitant to throw that around. But I am exhausted by 'Catfight,' 'ripped each other’s hair out,' 'scream-fest,' 'shrill,' all these things that are used about women on television and in politics and in basically any industry."

While the show does occasionally feature very intense and passionate debates, normally between party lines, the show is certainly not the only show to feature these debates. It is a normal practice for political talk shows or news programs in the evening to invite individuals or a panel of guests from different political spheres and allow them to debate each other.

McCain also discusses some of the images that the show project about herself. As the only conservative on the show for a long time and one that never seems unwilling to back down from a debate with any of her colleagues, McCain has earned the nickname, "The Ice Queen" a nickname she played into a bit on Halloween dressing up as Elsa from 'Frozen.' Still, McCain wishes the show would portray some more of her more personal side.

"I think a lot of 'The View' viewers think that I’m just this, like, ice queen, steel (expletive), that’s, like, shooting guns and drinking and being crazy," she said. "I have a very personal side, and I have a warm side and I think that the show doesn’t always do a good job showing everyone’s 360 degrees and that’s just the nature."

McCain ended the interview by saying, "don't feel bad for me... I've got a cool job," so it is nice to see the Princess of Arizona (as joked on Saturday Night Live) enjoys her life and her career.

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