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Jill Duggar

Jill Duggar Posts About Being 'Brave' After Reports of Duggar Family Home Being Raided by Homeland Security

Gettyimages | D Dipasupil
By Clarissa Wilson

According to a report by KNWA, an NBC affiliate, the Duggar's family home in Arkansas was raided by Homeland Security amid an ongoing investigation. Although the Duggar's representative made a statement for the family stating that there was no raid and to their knowledge, no one in the family is being investigated for anything, Jill Duggar went to Instagram right after the -so-called raid happened and shared a few videos of herself with a bible and a journal sitting on top of it. The cover of the bible read this,

"She believed she was loved and it made her brave." A religious song can be heard playing in the background of the videos.

Could the so-called raid that possibly happened or didn't happen at all and the Instagram story with the videos Jill Duggar shared be connected?

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The Duggar Family
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Although KNWA did make this report about the Duggar's being raided by Homeland Security, they obviously got the wrong family member in their report. The real Duggar family member that was being raided and possibly investigated, according to an updated report by KNWA, was Josh Duggar, not the rest of the family. This is why the family was denying it so strongly because they reported it wrong at first. However, they fixed their report with the right Duggar and even got a quote from a spokesman for Homeland Security.

After he clarified the right address for the news publication, the 14,000 block of Wildcat Creek Road in Springdale, Arkansas, which is an address associated with Josh Duggar, the spokesman said,

"I do not dispute the information you’ve obtained. That is the location that we were. I can’t speak to the status of any ongoing investigation. But, I do not dispute that we were present at that specific address."

he continued:

“…ongoing federal criminal investigation, however, given that there are no charges filed, HSI doesn’t discuss the nature of any type of investigation until, if or when, charges are filed. I can’t discuss the reason for our being there.”

Josh Duggar
Gettyimages | Kris Connor

If al of this doesn't seem confusing enough yet, according to In Touch Weekly, the FBI is denying the allegations of raiding the agency at the 14,000 block of Wildcat Creek Road in Springdale Arkansas that is associated with Josh Duggar. They are also denying an ongoing investigation of Josh Duggar.

So, who is really telling the truth here? Is the FBI lying to cover their raid and investigation up for some reason? Is the Duggar Family lying to keep something hidden from their fans? Is the Instagram story by Jill Duggar somehow connected with the so-called raid and investigation against any of the Duggar family members, whoever that may be?

Josh and Anna Duggar
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An agent spoke up on behalf of the Homeland Security and released this statement to Radar Online saying:

We were not involved in any kind of law enforcement action [at the Duggar’s home.] I can confirm we were not there."

Apparently, the agency is saying this is nothing but gossip against the Duggar family and Josh and Anna Duggar.

As if Josh hasn't been involved with enough scandals. Back in 2015, '19 Kids and Counting' was canceled due to the accusations of molestation against Josh Duggar. However, since Josh admitted to his family, the police, and the public, apologizing to everyone that he actually did molest his younger sisters and his younger female cousin, these were not molestation accusations after all since this was true.

Duggar Family
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Josh isn't out of the woods yet when it comes to family scandals. According to reports, Josh may be being investigated by the FBI for some reason and he and his wife's home may not have been raided by Homeland Security, but Josh Duggar is being investigated for committing real estate fraud.

Apparently, the 5-acre property Duggar paid $1,000 for last year, was actually already sold to someone else who is now suing the oldest Duggar sibling for not "digging deeper for the right property title.' Apparently, either Josh knew someone had already bought the property with 5-acres of land for $17,500 or he didn't know and just didn't 'dig deep enough' for the title of the property as the current owner said he didn't.

Josh and Anna Duggar
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As if there wasn't enough going on in the Duggar Family's life right now, with the real estate fraud scandal going on against Josh Duggar, and then the gossip reports stating that the Duggar Family being raided and investigated by Homeland Security, Anna Duggar is getting ready to give birth to the couples 6th child.

The couple also recently celebrated their 11-year wedding anniversary recently. While these may be good things going on in Josh and Anna's life right now, before when the fraud scandal and the gossip about Josh being raided and investigated by Homeland Security happened, Josh Duggar's past is the reason why the family's popular reality show, '19 Kids and Counting' was canceled back in 2015. It was because of the molestation accusations against Josh that turned out to be true, after all.

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