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Lizzo Receives Eight Grammy Nominations And Her Reaction Is Too Adorable

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By Ben Robinson III

2019 has been an insanely successful year for infectious rapper/singer Lizzo. Her songs have been dominating everything from television commercials to Karaoke Nights and the momentum of her success doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And Lizzo is here for every moment, representing full-figured women everywhere with an attitude that states "I don't give a damn what YOU think!" Her bubbly personality and killer talent are definitely shining through, as she has now been nominated for eight Grammys.

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The word came early Wednesday morning when all of the nominees for the upcoming Grammys were announced. There were a few who felt snubbed, but one person who deservedly got a ton of nominations was Lizzo. She has been on a roller coaster of success that includes dropping hit songs 'Truth Hurts' and 'Good As Hell'. However, along with her ability to make hits is the fact that she is down to Earth and can be very relatable with her fans.

According to Bustle once Lizzo received the news on her Grammy nominations she wasted no time showing her gratitude with a series of tweets in appreciation for the honor.

In response, the singer and rapper shared a series of tweets with her fans, in which she praised her fellow artists. "This has been an incredible year for music and I'm just so thankful to be a part of it," she wrote before declaring that all of the nominees are "winners" this year. "I love you," Lizzo wrapped up her tweets, adding, "Let's have a wonderful blessed day."

Lizzo's nominations make her the only artist to be nominated in each of the major categories including "Song of the Year" and "Album of the Year". That is quite an accomplishment for someone relatively new to the industry, still, it's one that she does not take lightly.

on her Instagram Story, Lizzo posted an emotional selfie from mid-flight, captioning it "I'm cryin ... cuz I love you. Thank you," as a play on the titular song from her Grammy-nominated album. She followed that up with another post where she declared, "I'm on a flight to the States ... I'm finna drink champagne and cry happy tears of appreciation and love."


Fans have been congratulating Lizzo since this morning with well-wishes and warm words. One fan commented "Baby girl! You deserve Best New Artist. Praying you win it sis!"

Another added this sentiment "I have been following you for the past 5 years. Putting your songs on at parties, at work, driving around in my car. I've never been happier or more proud to see someone who I will never meet have such a successful and life-changing year. You are so talented and you deserve all!!"

Congrats to Lizzo and all of the nominees!

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