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Carrie Ann Inaba Explains Decision to Elimate James Van Der Beek After Wife's Miscarriage

ABC / Eric McCandless
By Natalie Hunter

On last week's episode of 'Dancing With the Stars,' Ally Brooke and James Van Der Beek found themselves in the bottom two. However, before James Van Der Beek's final performance, the 'Dawson's Creek' star revealed that his wife, Kimberly, [had suffered from a miscarriage that past week.] ( Despite that, Van Der Beek was sent home over Brooke. Carrie Ann Inaba was very moved after the dance he performed after the video.

"I don't know how you got through that," Inaba said through tears.

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"I feel silly trying to talk about your posture, but what I really do appreciate is in the midst of that and the human tragedy you're going through, you pulled up and gave me great posture."

On 'The Talk,' Inaba discussed why the judges chose to send him home. "As a human being, what he and his wife Kimberly suffered is heartbreaking and sadness in my heart for them and my prayers are with them but this is when it gets really hard," Inaba explained.

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"As a judge, I have to judge the dance. I know on Dancing With The Stars we show stories and we get to know they become our family and their pain is my pain..." Inaba sympathized but then went on to explain the judges' decision process. I have to judge what's happening on the dance floor and in my opinion, I had to choose who I thought was the better dancer and had come further." Inaba also explained it was "hard" choice and that "my heart is with them."

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That night, Ally Brooke offered to leave the show in his place during the elimination ceremony. Van Der Beek turned down her offered and left the show

“I just felt it wasn’t right after everything that James has gone through. Being human and seeing that he’s been through one of the worst things in life …" Ally Brooke explained to Weekly. "I felt like he had the strength to be here today, and that in itself is unbelievable and that took immense strength from him.”

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Ally Brooke tried to re-extend her offer after the show. “He was just like, ‘I can’t accept that’ and ‘It’s very, very kind,’” she revealed after the show. “He said, ‘Just enjoy it.’ Sasha and I talked to him afterward as well and I tried to offer again...he was just like, ‘No, please, you just enjoy it and you shine and don’t be afraid to shine.’ ... Even though I’m very sad and in a way feel like I shouldn’t be here, I’m trying to celebrate too [for] my personal journey.”

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