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How Did Fergie Get Caught Up In The Prince Andrew Scandal?

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By Sarah Veldman

They were married and had two daughters, however, divorced a number of years ago in what Queen Elizabeth II called her "Annus Horribilis." However, they're on amicable terms and it's even been rumored they've picked up where they left off, and gotten back together.

The recent Jeffrey Epstein scandal is engulfing Prince Andrew, and he's possibly taking down the royal family with him. His BBC interview has made many wonder who is guiding him behind the scenes and creating an even bigger dumpster fire rather than extinguishing it.

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The Big BBC Interview

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On Saturday, November 16, Prince Andrew sat down for an interview with Emily Maitlis of BBC Newsnight. The questions were not shared with the prince beforehand and nothing was off limits. He was quizzed on his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and his relationship with Epstein's sex slave Virginia Roberts (Giuffre.)

His callous attitude towards the victims and his pompous, arrogant way of speaking set off an even bigger storm and the media latched on to it with every nail in their claws.

What Were The Worst Moments?

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Prince Andrew claimed he didn't regret associating with Jeffrey Epstein and still doesn't, as he considers the relationship "useful." He said, "The people that I met and the opportunities that I was given to learn, either by him or because of him, were actually very useful."

He made incredibly strange remarks, explaining that he couldn't sweat. On the night Virginia Roberts says they slept together, he claims he was taking his daughter to a party at Pizza Express.

The worst part was his arrogant attitude displayed throughout the interview, showing how out of touch and pampered he really is. It makes one wonder whoever allowed this man to speak publicly?

Fergie Encouraged Andrew To Do The Interview

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Not exactly known for her tactile ways with the press, yet very well known for a toe sucking incident while still married to Prince Andrew, it has been reported that Fergie encouraged her ex-husband to do the interview. Clearly, she either had a great deal of blind faith in him or isn't very different from him, to begin with.

Apparently, Fergie thought it would be a good idea for Prince Andrew to get ahead of the scandal and share his truth. Clearly, she's just as out of touch with the public as he is.

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A source told The Daily Mail, "'Andrew has been relying on Sarah heavily. In fact, she's been the prince's biggest champion and he values her opinion and experience. When the possibility of this interview arose, Sarah felt that it could be the best way of clearing his name while presenting the public with a look at the real Andrew."

Clearly, Fergie admires her ex-husband very much if she thought it would be a good idea for people to get a look at the "real Andrew."

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The source continued, "The interview gave him the chance to address the negative headlines rather than leave them unanswered and present his version of events. Given how damaging this scandal has been in the past six months, Sarah felt Andrew needed to get ahead of the matter to give his public image a better chance of recovery."

Unfortunately, for the royal family, the interview did not sweep the scandal under the rug but created a big pile of garbage all over Buckingham Palace. Clearly, Prince Andrew needs a new adviser, though it's probably too late at this point.

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