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Some of Billboard's Greatest Albums of the 2010s

By Enoch K

The 2010s for music had a lot of music releases where a lot of different music trends came out and were overused and done. Long existing genres like Kpop and reggaeton finally gained the recognition it deserves and now their artists are making strides in the music industry. However, musical giants emerged and influenced pop culture forever. Drake, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce have cemented themselves as icons. Their influences will always be felt. These are some of Billboard’s favorite albums of the 2010s.

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#1 Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

Kanye West

The loud, maximalist album called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is pop’s full admiration of Kanye West. We’ve had tastes like Gold Digger. However, this album showed Kanye West could do every genre everything well. His ability to mix pop, hip hop and etc stood out to many. This era will be remembered as a wild ride as so many of his videos are still admired today. Billboard said it best, “BDTF is the sound of an artist -- using the studio as a palette -- grappling with his contradictions, unhappiness and the carnal diversions he turns to as an all-too-brief balm for the uncertain soul.

#7 Rihanna, Anti (2016)


Rihanna. Rihanna. Rihanna. She took a long hiatus before releasing this album. She had a pattern of releasing music every year so fans went into a panic when she took longer than a year. The rollout was incredibly messy for this album and people thought it wouldn’t come out. However, she released Anti, her most acclaimed album ever. Billboard said, “Rihanna explores her womanhood while wrestling with heartache, protecting her creativity and learning how to be vulnerable”. We knew it was going to be a bomb album was Work came out! Everyone was singing Sex with Me and Love on the Brain! This is Rihanna in her raw form but the best form. Stay here!

#9 Robyn, Body Talk (2010)


Are you crying in the club yet? Dancing on my own is the quintessential crying in the club song. Robyn’s Body Talk is a 61-minute, 15-song LP where she goes into contrasts about “heartbreak vs. triumph, calm and empathetic vs. intense and insular, pop vs. experimentation”. Another album that did not sell the best, but instant critical acclaim for its innovative style. A lot of current musicians use this album was their Bible and ushered in a lot of acts like Carly Rae Jepsen and Charli XCX.

#16 Drake, Take Care (2011)


Drake was pretty well known before this album released. However, this was his entry to pop culture stardom. His collaborations on this album were Crew Love and Buried Alive introduced a lot of people to some of the most adored musicians today. By mixing R&B and hip hop in an innovative way, his impact is still felt as people still follow his formula till this day. Take Care was the album that made everyone recognize that Drake was a star.

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