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'This Is Us' Will Deliver Mid-Season Finale Before a Long Holiday Break

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By J. Atkin

It's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's almost time for mid-season finales to take over the airwaves. The "This is Us," mid-season finale airs tonight, on NBC, at 9 PM. Fans have been waiting for "the Big Three" to see each other once again and it seems they may finally all come together for Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. As excited as fans are to see the Pearsons all together again, there is a little disappointment about how early the show is coming to a halt before the holidays. Last year the show didn't put a stop to the drama until much later in November.

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When Will the Show Return?

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"This is Us" is ending early, so perhaps it is returning early as well. That does not seem to be the case. After the show this evening new episodes will not make an appearance on NBC until the new year. That's a bit of a wait for fans, January does not seem very close as we sit here without even having reached Thanksgiving yet. But the show's creators will not be rushed, and fans, as usual, have no choice but to wait.

But Why?

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Fans are obviously upset to be cut off from their favorite dramatic family so early in the holiday season. Why are they being punished? They want to know. Well, season four is only 18 episodes long (that seems like a lot when we compare it to other beloved shows, say "Game of Thrones" eight episodes). And still, any show that reaches from September through May will have to take a few breaks here and there to stretch through the nine months television season.

What's to Come?

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Everyone can remain calm. Eighteen episodes is quite normal for a full season of network television. When you think about it, ending the first half of the season this evening, November 19, actually gives everyone a little bit of breathing room before finishing school or heading out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday. In good news, "This Is Us," fans will not have to worry about missing the midseason finale due to travel. It's extra padding to prepare for everyone to deal with their own real-life families and real-life drama. It's all actually rather thoughtful when we get right down to it. The Pearsons will return, and so will their viewers. "This is Us," cares about its family of characters and its family of viewers, and maybe this time apart will be good for everyone.

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