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You Could Own a Little Bit of 'Friends'

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By J. Atkin

It is hard to believe it's been a quarter of a century since "Friends" premiered on NBC. This is partially because the sitcom has been shown in reruns almost since the moment it went off the air twenty-five years ago. The number of fans has consistently grown since season one, and it's times like these that really highlight how important the show was, and remains to so many people. Warner Brothers is banking on the show's continued popularity as it announces an auction featuring some of the show's most beloved props and set pieces to be held in December. Proceeds from the auction will go to The Trevor Project.

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The Holiday Armadillo


One of the most well known "Friends" costumes of all time comes from an episode titled, "The One with All the Candy," which premiered in December of 2000. Meant to help Ross explain the magic of Hanukkah to his son, Ben, this costume is even more popular than the absurd Halloween when Ross dressed up as Sputnik, and everyone thought he was a potato. The costume is one of the many items that will be up for bidding on December 3.

The Orange Couch

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Perhaps the most recognizable of any "Friends" item, apart from the cast itself, is the large orange couch around which coffee and chaos were discussed in the classic coffee shop, Central Perk. It should be known that the one up for auction was not used by the cast but is rather a studio edition reproduction. Even so, the piece of furniture is supposed to fetch at least $6,000 when it hits the auction block before the winter holidays.


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Back to props, rather than reproductions, Joey's stuffed penguin, Huggsy, will also hit the auction block. This "bedtime, penguin pal," first appeared in the episode, "The One Where Everybody Finds Out." in February of 1999. In 2003 the penguin made another notable appearance when Rachel's daughter, Emma, grows attached to the stuffy, and Joey struggles as to whether or not to relinquish his well-loved toy to the baby that now shares his apartment.

The Fine Print

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The auction begins on December 3 and will stretch through December 17. Both props and certified reproductions will come with certificates of authenticity. Other offerings to keep an eye out for include Joey’s Soap Opera Digest Magazine, a Smelly Cat litter box, and Ursula Buffay’s driver’s license. Something for every fan to appreciate, no matter who your favorite "Friend" was.

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