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Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Biggest Moments for GQ

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By Gabriela Silva

Jennifer Lopez has dominated every aspect of her career. She has simultaneously been a popular actress, fashion icon and artist in the music industry. J. Lo, throughout her career, has had some iconic moments that she has been known for and she doesn't stop. GQ recently released a video on Youtube, where J. Lo breaks down every moment in her career that has made her an artist to talk about.

Let's take it back to the very beginning with J. Lo's role as Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in the 1997 film 'Selena'.

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J. Lo explains that the role was a very special moment for her. She was in her early 20's when she did the role. An aspect of Selena she greatly admired was her ability to be a natural performer without having any dance lessons.

Although, she never expected the importance of the role she was playing at the time, "Even though I knew it was a huge responsibility and I wanted to do a great job, there's an ignorance that you have at that age. Like how big it would be and a responsibility it was and how people were looking at it."

Who can forget Jenny on the Block. You immediately think of J.Lo when that phrase is said, you can't help it. The song was written for J.Lo by someone else who also lived in New York.

She explains that living in the Bronx really defined who she was. Growing up in New York, "there's a part of that, that never leaves you." J.Lo also makes a joke about how every time she hears that phrase, she thinks back to how many times she performed it and can't even put a number to it.


The green Versace dress. Everyone knows the dress by memory and know the moment J.Lo stunned the world in the garment. For the 42nd Grammy's in 2,000, J.Lo had nothing to wear to walk the carpet. Despite the dress having been previously worn for events by Geri Halliwell, Sandra Bullock and Donatella Versace herself, J.Lo tried on the dress and stuck to it.

She appeared on countless newspapers the day after. Just recently, Donatella Versace had a 20 year anniversary for the iconic green print and reinvented the dress for J.Lo.

'I don't see it as provocative. I see it as sensual and sexy and beautiful," explained J.Lo when asked about her confidence in wearing provocative clothing.


'El Cantante' (2006) centers around a Puerto Rican singer Héctor Lavoe (Marc Anthony) who becomes a pioneer in the world of salsa music. He and his wife, Puchi (Jennifer Lopez), rise to fame, but Hector's drug addiction puts his career and life in jeopardy.

This was the first film produced by J.Lo and holds a special place in her heart. She explains that she knew Marc Anthony would play the part of Hector before she was married to him. She had spent a lot of time developing the script. She expresses that despite the movie has its flaws, she is proud of the character her and Marc Anthony played on screen.

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Her latest, film 'Hustlers' is one of her biggest moments she's proud of. J.Lo produced the film and starred as Ramona. Ramona is the strip clubs top money earner and single mother. She devises a plan with the other strippers in the club to get money from rich business men after the crash of 2008.

The film presented an opportunity that J.Lo has never played.

"This person was unapologetically savage when it came to what she wanted. And this was a brand new thing for me."

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