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Ariana Grande's Tattoo Causing Conflict

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Enoch K

Ariana Grande got a new tattoo and fans are split between some liking it and not. Her tattoo is the name of her dog, Toulouse across her knuckles. The issue comes in with the mention of Mac Miller’s dog Myron in whether or not she should’ve gotten his name on her body too. Some fans think she should just stop getting tattoos period. Fans found out through her Instagram live where she showcases the tattoos. Her tattoo choices are her choices. You make not like all of them, but it is something she felt she needed so she got it. Especially, since they are seen as a form of self-expression on the body. Get more if you want.

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Her Tattoos

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She has a history of getting tattoos. When Grande and ex fiancé Pete Davidson we’re together, they got tattoos: “H2GKMO" (short for "Honest to God, knock me out") on her hands. Grande got his name tattooed on her fingers, but replaced with a dark heart after the break up. She has other tattoos on her hands include a heart and a cloud, along with another one that says "baby doll" inside of her right middle finger. Wow, tattoos are very common place now. Why don’t her fans like her having tattoos? It is very bizarre. They seem to want to control Ariana’s body. She is a grown woman.

Tattoo Choices

Giphy | Ariana Grande

She wanted to get a Japanese tattoo that said “7 Rings” in Kanji. However, she couldn’t take the pain, so she didn’t complete the entire tattoo. So she got "shichirin" which is a tiny Japanese barbecue grill. Once again, fans did not take well to this. They called her out and she deleted then image. They bullied her into explaining herself on Instagram live. She’s gotta stop explaining herself to the fans! They may not like everything she does, but they have to respect it.

Fans Chill


Fans feeling like they have ownership over celebrity’s bodies is not a new phenomenon. However, the newer stars are way too responsive to their fans. Social media has caused some fans to believe they’re actually closer to the star than they actually are. Fans, they are happy you love them but you are still just supporters. Delusion has caused you to impede on rights you believe you have. Leave the stars alone. She will get tattoos if she wants and you cannot do anything about it. Do you boo!

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