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A Question of Family, Fame, and Fortune

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By J. Atkin

Over a decade ago in a year called 2007, the viewing public, or at least the TLC viewing public, fell in love with the Gosselin family. Mom, Kate, Dad, Jon, and their adorable family of eight kids (a set of twins, and a set of sextuplets). First airing as television specials on TLC, viewers got to watch as Kate and Jon struggled with keeping enough diapers on hand, finding any time to sleep, and bonding with their brood in their modest home in Pennsylvania. The popularity of the specials led to the family landing its own reality show, and the drama snowballed from there.

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Jon and Kate Plus 8

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From 2007 to 2009 the television audience got to watch Jon and Kate struggle through the normal daily challenges of managing a young family, though with the added struggle of pure numbers. Getting all the kids into the car is much more amusing to watch when there are eight toddlers involved. The show also set up an interview area in the family basement to talk one on one with parents Jon and Kate. As the series continued special excursions, like a trip to Hawaii, were organized for the family. But as more and more special treatment and opportunities were showered on the family, relationships began to change.

Kate Plus 8

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In 2009, Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced. While that was the end of the "Jon and Kate," show, it was not the end for TLC. In 2010 the Gosselin family was back, rebranded as "Kate Plus Eight". The show only lasted as a real series through 2011, before returning to its original format of family "specials" that aired to keep up with the family. Kate used her platform to write a book, appear on the Emmy's. and later appear on another program, "Dancing with the Stars".

Jon Gosselin's Newest Thoughts

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Jon Gosselin recently made an appearance of the "Dr. Oz Show". On the program he opened up about the effect he thinks his wife's focus on fame has had on their eight children. He believes that fame and money twisted his wife's belief system, ending their relationship, and hurting her ability to truly take care of their children. He never wanted his children to go back on television post "Jon and Kate," and post divorce. A judge even said it wasn't good for the children. Yet, filming continued.

Where Are They Now?

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All eight kids are all grown up today. Twins Cara and Mady are nineteen, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel are all fifteen. Hannah and Collin currently reside with Jon while their siblings remain in the custody of their mother, Kate. The recent custody battle also put the family back in the news. But as all eight kids reach an age when they can begin to make their own choices, the family's future remains anyone's guess.

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