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Michael Jackson's Sexual Abuse Accusers May Have A Shot At His Estate

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Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, United States of America. He was the eighth child of Joseph Walter Jackson and Katherine Esther Jackson. His father was a former boxer who had a background in playing musical instruments while his mother played the piano and clarinet. She also was wanted to be a performer but worked with a company called Sears. Jackson joined some of his siblings to create a band called "The Jackson 5" but soon, he decided to go solo in 1971.

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Michael Jackson as he is known became the most successful singer in the family, and this fame came with a lot of responsibilities as well as controversies. In August 1993, Jackson faced accusations of child sexual abuse from 13-year-old Jordan Chandler who was backed by his father, Evan Chandler. The boy mentioned that Jackson had engaged him in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex. He also gave a detailed description of the singer's private part, but the jury dismissed the case saying the description was not a match.

Jackson was later found in possession of photographs and books that featured naked young boys, but since these pictures were legal to own, he was not charged to court. One year after being charged to court for a strip and search, Jackson settled 13-year-old Jordan Chandler with $25 million out of court.

In May 2002, a documentary showed Jackson holding hands with and arranging sleepovers with a 12-year-old and this became a controversy. The singer insisted that there was not crime in allowing anyone into his home for a sleepover, even if they were minors.

In 2019, a British filmmaker, Dan Reed began directing a documentary titled "Leaving Neverland." This documentary centered on two men, Wade Robinson and James Safechuck who alleged that Michael Jackson molested them as children. The lawsuits did not make trial in 2017 as they were dismissed due to statue of limitations. However, a California appeals judge has decided to visit the case and take it to trial. TMZ reported that a ruling that will surpass the dismissal of the case has been issued already and these men have a shot at trial.

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Nothing has been confirmed yet as the appeal court is sitting on the case as a 'tentative' one, so it is up to the justice department to see this case through. The Jackson family insisted in 2017 that these accusations were a direct attempt at soiling the late singer's name and legacy, but only a court of law can conclude. Will this case make it to trial or will Robinson and Safechuck have to lick their wounds once again? More news coming soon.

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