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Justin Bieber Is Mirroring Kanye West By Showcasing His Spirituality

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By Ben Robinson III

Most celebrities tend to keep their private lives apart from their public personas. However, that's not something pop star Justin Bieber has ever been able to do successfully. He's been in the headlines many times referencing bad behavior and run ins with the law. But through it all he strives to attain a level of maturity to always be better than the day before. And now it seems like he wants to impart his spiritual views to his mass of adoring fans.

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This isn't the first time Bieber has worn his spirituality on his sleeve. Who could forget a few years ago when he was seen out and about with his super jacked spiritual advisor Pastor Carl Lentz? When photos of the two surfaced many people wondered who the older gentleman at Bieber's side actually was. It was discovered that Pastor Lentz is the leader of the Hillsong megachurch and was a huge factor in facilitating Bieber's rescue from drugs and partying.

And it makes sense that Bieber would be affiliated with Hillsong since, according to Vox, it's the kind of church that definitely wants everyone to come as they are.

Hillsong is the “chill” church where pastors wear skinny jeans. Showing up hungover to Sunday service is not considered the worst thing. Hillsong’s sermons, influenced by the self-help-style theology of the “prosperity gospel,” promise adherents a life full of material as well as spiritual blessings.

It was also at Hillsong where Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin laid the foundation for their impending romance, and as they say, the rest is history.

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Trouble soon followed when it was rumored that Bieber and Pastor Lentz had a falling out, though he did still officiate their wedding. Now, in keeping with his path of righteousness, Fox News reports that Bieber is now offering support to married pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith, the creators of the Churchome app. Through their Guided Prayers initiative the Smiths aim to bring their positive message to the world. And who better than Bieber to endorse them since he's been known to post spiritual content from time to time.

Now, with the Churchome app, they can spread their message all over the world. And Bieber is giving them his complete support.

“They have really been helping me and I thought I would share," Bieber wrote in September, and Churchome Pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith, who lead the minutes-long Scripture and prayer time, saw a great need for it.

Pastor Chelsea agrees that she and her husband's main goal is to help people they may not be able to reach physically.

“We know that prayer has tangible benefits," Pastor Chelsea said. "It helps people gain perspective, have more clarity, and have the confidence to know that they are being divinely guided. With Guided Prayers, we’re marrying the prayer experience with a real focus on community and relationship.

You can check out the Smiths on their Churchome Instagram page

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