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Laura Dern's Parents Pushed Her Into Acting and She's Thankful

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When a child starts growing up, he or she probably knows what they want to become in the future. Most times, with the help of a mentor, such a child can be groomed into the best versions of themselves. However, there are some kids who have to be pushed into some things for them to get interested. For some children, things work out well in the end, and for others, things are not so great. Raising a child takes dedication and focus, and sometimes making that child into a superstar in the world, is up to the parents or guardians.

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Laura Dern is a perfect example of a woman who had to be pushed into a movie career by her parents. Thank God for brilliant parents! Laura Elizabeth Dern was born on February 10, 1967 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents were actors, Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd Dern, who had active movie careers decades ago. At the age of two, Dern's parent had a divorce, so she lived most of her life with her mother and grandmother, who were strict Roman Catholics.

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Aside from being a talented actress, Dern is an activist, producer and director. She has received numerous accolades in the movie industry, ranging from Golding Globe to Primetime Emmy to Academy awards. She was married to Ben Harper in 2005, but the duo got divorced in 2013. She is also a mother to two children, Ellery Walker and Jaya. On October 18, 2017, Dern revealed to the world that she faced sexual assault at age 14. All her life, has had to work for the things she wanted and slowly, she got her big break.


Recently, the actress revealed that she never liked listening to her parents' advice to pick a career in acting until it changed her life. This is common among movie stars today, as they believed that they were destined for other things that did not include acting. Growing up with her mother, Dern learned a lot about acting and she admired her mom for the complicated roles she had to take on. However, Dern was not the least bit interested in pursuing an acting career.

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Her parents always tried to give her advice when it came to acting and she was reluctant to take them. She mentioned that her parents told her about the dangers of typecasting and the advantages of taking big roles in movies. Dern admitted that she had to give up ideal jobs to go into acting, but that became the best decision she had ever made. Her role in "Little Women" is one of a kind, and fans have been praising her name. The movie is set to premiere in December 2019 and fans cannot wait.

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