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The Queen's Final Years Have Seen A Black Cloud Of Controversy

Gettyimages | Sean Gallup
By Sarah Veldman

Queen Elizabeth II has been a formidable, steady ruler throughout her long-running reign and we've barely even seen her put a panty-hosed foot wrong. The British love her, the rest of the world loves her, and she's considered a national treasure.

Throughout her life, she's seen it all, especially from her own family members. The most dramatic events, at least in recent memory, were during the separation of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, a year in which she called her "annus horibilis."

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The Queen herself has always managed a stiff upper lip, as is the custom in the U.K., and has almost never uttered a single word about her feelings when members of her family are caught out in PR disasters.

At almost 94 years old, is it so much to ask that the poor woman see calm waters ahead for her family, secure in the fact that she will be passing on her crown and role to people who will take care of it?

Prince Andrew Has Created a PR Nightmare

If you thought Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were the ones causing her majesty the biggest migraine, you would be wrong.

This week Prince Andrew sat down for a BBC interview with Emily Maitlis, and let's just say it was a huge dumpster fire.

After months of speculation about his relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, things were not looking good for him. Every day sees another newly released photo in the newspapers, and the prince has yet to talk to the FBI or help them with their investigation.

Pizza Party Anyone?

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson

He did, however, make sure he did everything he could to defend himself during the interview, which meant it was a car crash of epic proportions.

He showed absolutely no sympathy for Jeffrey Epstein's victims, displayed a pompous and arrogant attitude throughout, and claimed he had "no recollection" of ever sleeping with Epstein's sex slave Virginia Roberts.

He did, however, manage to remember taking his daughter Beatrice to a pizza party that day, so there's that. The interview went downhill rapidly and it was a PR exercise in everything one shouldn't do.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Stirred Things Up


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not made things easy on Queen Elizabeth either. Accusations of hypocrisy were thrown about after their use of private jets this summer in the wake of their comments on climate change, and Meghan's extremely expensive baby shower did not go down well when people found out about the hefty price tag.

Now, Prince Harry and Meghan have announced they will not be spending Christmas at Sandringham this year but will be spending the holiday with Meghan's mother Doria. It was taken as an apparent snub to the royal family, especially with rumors of a Prince Harry and Prince William feud.

How Does The Queen Feel About This Year?


Will the Queen declare 2019 another "annus horribilis?" Or, will she sit back, put up her feet this Christmas, and throw up her hands, declaring she must keep a stiff upper lift in times of crisis?

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are starting their 6-week break during the holidays, it would seem Queen Elizabeth is the one who could use a break. Perhaps her majesty deserves to sit on the couch with some bonbons, while she gets a foot massage and pretends her family are perfect angels, completely ready to carry on with their royal duties in the most prestigious way.

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