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Harry Styles Hosts Last Night's 'SNL'

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By Natalie Hunter

Harry Styles wore two hats last night as he was host and musical guest on last night's 'Saturday Night Live.' He kicked off the night with his opening monologue. He compared hosting to"when you find out someone likes you more than just a friend." He said that he and 'SNL' had "taken things to the next level," the singer also joked that "just like all my serious relationships, we're all gonna spend one incredible night together and then we'll never see each other again."

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He referenced One Direction, as expected, saying, "I don't know if you heard or not, but I'm not in a boy band anymore," and discussed whether his former One Direction band members making an appearance. "How crazy would it be if they were here tonight? They're not," he joked. "I love those guys. They're my brothers," Styles began, before listing "Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and..." Styles pauses, pretending to forget, and finishes with, "um, Ringo. Yeah, that's it."

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As musical guest, Styles performed his single "Lights Up" from his upcoming album 'Fine Line.' He described the song to CaptailFM, "For me, the song is about freedom. It's about self-reflection and self-discovery and just, like freedom. It feels like very free to me. A couple things that I've thought about and I guess wrestle with a little bit over the last couple years. It's kind of like just accepting all of those things. It's a very positive song to me." He [premiered a new song"Watermelon Sugar."] ( Many of the sketches were perceived as subpar by fans and viewership decreased during last night's episode. However, Styles fans and "Directioners" were enamored by Styles' sketch performances and singing.

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He was dissing Zayn Malik who left One Direction in 2015 before than band broke up. He ended his 1D segment with gratitude stating he was "just so grateful Simon Cowell grew us in those test tubes." He even gave a nod to old 'SNL' rumors. “Everyone thinks everyone here does cocaine. They don’t! That’s why the show’s no good anymore!” Beat. “EXCEPT TONIGHT!” Styles joked. Styles appeared in sketches as Aidy Bryant's pretend dog, an incompetent pilot, an expecting couple from Iceland and a funeral DJ.

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"Toxic masculinity does not exist in the world of mr. @Harry_Styles #HarryOnSNL," one fan tweeted. "All Harry’s British fans be waking up to more content then we’ve had over the past two years😂 #HarryOnSNL," another fan joked. One fan tweeted admiringly,"is there anything he can’t do???? 🥺 this man is incredibly talented oh my god #HarryOnSNL @Harry_Styles" One fan got deep tweeting, "i love how confident he became. he does and wears whatever he likes, supports the lgbtq community, is such an inspiration, a great musician and so much more. how can you not love him" #HarryOnSNL

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