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'Alaska: The Last Frontier' Jane & Charlotte Reel In a Big One While Fishing

Discovery Channel
By Gary Trock

"Alaska: The Last Frontier" is showcasing the strength of the Kilcher women this season, and the latest sneak peek continues to show that they're a real catch! The Blast obtained a special preview from Discovery showing Jane Kilcherand Charlotte Kilcher venturing out on a fishing trip. The two women are out on a shallow lake and Jane explains that she is looking for deep pockets where the fish like to "ball up."

"They're in here Charlotte ... game on," the wife of Atz Lee Kilcher says.

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It wasn't long until they got a nibble, but Jane and Charlotte kept casting until they got a chance at reeling in a true lunker. "You gotta stay positive," Jane advises.

Their patience and persistence seem to pay off, and Jane lands a big one that puts up a huge fight. "He's the big one of the day," she yells while Charlotte leans in for a look.

Good thing they were able to deliver a big fish because later in the trip the women have another problem on their hands when they get stuck in the mud of the shallow waters. Regardless of what happens, the two reality stars definitely have a good time while taping for "Alaska: The Last Frontier."

Jane recently shared a clip, that apparently didn't make it to air, of Charlotte trying a drink of one of her "concoctions." The wife of Otto Kilcher takes a big swig, but it's clear that the cocktail may need a bit more work.

Jane's Greenhouse


Jane has been a big part of the current season of "ATLF," but not every piece of the Kilcher's lives make it to air.

Unfortunately, it seems Jane's fancy greenhouse wasn't exciting enough to make it on "Alaska: The Last Frontier," and the star recently revealed it ended up on the cutting room floor.

"My greenhouse! It was supposed to be in next weeks episode but got cut for being too boring!!"

She added, "It is something I am so proud of and it will be cut from airing on the show."

The cut was apparently something Jane hadn't known about because back in October she was teasing the premiere of the new "ATLF" season with a reveal of her epic greenhouse.

Building a Cabin


Some of the other Kilcher's have also been hard at work over the past few weeks, like a cabin on Perl Island built by Atz Lee, his son and his father. The cabin was featured on last week's episode of "ATLF," and Atz Lee took to Instagram to reflect afterwards while sharing some more photos of the build.

"A few more shots of the cabin build on Perl island! We worked 12 days straight to get it done and as a reward I took my family and the film crew on a “1 hr” hike......which took 6 hrs😂, to the top of the mountain! Huge thanks to my son @ekilchrrrr and my pops @atzkilcher and one of the best film crews in the industry."

Sunday's episode will showcase the Kilchers in a more destructive light, as the family brings in a detonation expert to help widen the road to their Alaskan homestead.

"Alaska: The Last Frontier" airs Sundays at 8 PM on Discovery.

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