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Colin Kaepernick's Workout Drama Sparks War Between Eric Reid & Stephen A. Smith

By Gary Trock

Colin Kaepernick's NFL workout did not go without a ton of controversy, and now last-minute location changes and Kaepernick's outfit choices are causing a rift between those who think he genuinely wanted a shot in the NFL and those who think he's using his platform as a publicity stunt. One of the biggest critics after Kaepernick's workout was ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith, who captioned his rant, "He doesn't want to play."

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Smith went off on Kaepernick for switching the location change hours before the workout and causing 25 teams, who came out to watch the QB show his skills, scramble to change their plans. "He don't want to play ... he wants to be a martyr," Smith said.

The commentary caused one of Kaepernick's tightest friends and supporters, Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid, to fly off the handle and lash out at the ESPN host.


Reid posted a video of Daffy Duck tap dancing and wrote to Stephen A. Smith:

"Tap dancing for the NFL like ⬇️. Damn straight Colin wants to control the narrative! He supposed to trust the organization that blackballed him and has done absolutely nothing in good faith??? Born on Tuesday, just not last Tuesday."

Stephen A. Smith Responds

Giphy | ESPN

Reid's attack caused Stephen A. Smith to go on a Twitter rampage as he tore up the NFL star and accused him of attacking anyone who disagreed with his beliefs. Smith also apologized for the spelling errors, as he admitted to driving before pulling off the road.

"Man, please. You embarrass yourself @E_Reid35 every single time you open your mouth. You — of all people — talking of tap dancing when you're the one collecting a check from the very institution you collect a check from. You @E_Reid35, who takes a knee — supposedly for brothers — Yet attack brothers — Malcolm Jenkins, Jay-Z, ME — at every turn the second someone disagrees with you. You @E_Reid35 got the nerve to call out the @NFL when your beef was suppose to be with society in regards to police brutality and racial oppression. Where's your plan? Huh @E_Reid35? To call our or beat up everyone who utters a word you disagree with? "

Giphy | ESPN

He continued:

"All Brithers, BTW. Let me tell you something Mr. @E_Reid35: Kaepernick has been supported. We've all said he was done wrong. That he was blackballed. That he should be in the league. Who the hell Hasn't acknowledged that? But life isn't fair. It damn sure ain't ideal. And at some point, you've got the grab the opportunity. Kap's occurred today. And what does he do: alters the process, and shows up with a T-Shirt alluding to SLAVERY @E_Reid35. For a JOB INTERVIEW! When are you — yes, you @E_Reid35 — going to wake the hell up and realize that maybe, just maybe, the enemy at THIS POINT ain't the NFL. It's not Malcolm Jenkins, Jay-Z or ME. Maybe the enemy is YOU, your childish tendencies and your unwillingness to accept that you can't run.......a damn thing but so much when your hand is out for someone else's dime or product. Especially when you haven't played in 3 years, when you were 1-10 in your last 11 games as a starter and the top-4 league MVP candidates are all black @E_Reid35. When will you learn? Chances won't. Because your ears are clogged and you're too blinded by vitriol to see when a brother is showing you — y'all — love and respect @E_Reid35 by simply letting you know what will work at what won't. But oh, I forgot: we all ain't S&@$ in your world. So...why even bother. You'll never listen. But others will hear @E_Reid35. You can bet the house on that. Just listen. It's coming from the multitude of places. And it's damn sure — like a storm — on @FirstTake Monday morning. So buckle the hell up! Good luck on Sunday. Sincerely!"


Reid responded to Smith on Sunday morning, arguing that his beliefs in social justice are stronger than his ties to the NFL.

"I stand 4 truth & justice above all else. You r mistaken by thinking that because u or anybody is black that you are spared from my criticism especially when you’ve been so blatantly on the NFL’s side in corrupting their own process to hinder Colin’s employment."

Smith once again responded by ripping Reid, and also pointing out that he was arguing on Twitter hours before he was supposed to take the field.

This isn't over yet.

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