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Kelly Ripa Responds to Fan Who Was Creeped Out By Calling Her Husband 'Daddy'

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Kelly Maria Ripa was born in Berlin, New Jersey on October 2, 1970, to Esther and Joseph Ripa. She is known as an American actress, talk show host, dancer and television producer. In other words, Ripa is an entertainment goddess and she does not fail to show her fans what she is capable of. The actress is also married to 'Riverdale' star actor, Mark Consuelos, and they have been together for twenty-three years. Ripa was a student of Camden County College, but she backed out to pursue a career in acting.

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Aside from being a bright mind with an active career in entertainment, Ripa is also a mother to three beautiful children; Lola Grace, Michael Joseph and Joaquin Antonio Consuelos. Mommy bear is not only private about her family life, but she does not take trolls lightly. Recently, Kelly Ripa mentioned on a talk show that she was nominating her husband for "Sexiest Man Alive." This came after PEOPLE gave the title to John Legend. However, while speaking about her husband, the actress used the word 'Daddy.'

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While some people saw it as a cute expression for her husband whom she has been married to for 23 years, a fan thought otherwise. In the comment section, a fan said;

"I love Mark and Jelly, but it creeps me out when she calls him 'Daddy"

Ripa reacted to when she commented; "It creeps me out when you call me Jelly."

This comment got over 700 likes as fans could not stop laughing at the clap back statement from the actress.

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The fan had obviously made a mistake by typing 'Jelly' instead of 'Kelly,' but to give him or her a taste of their own medicine, Ripa talked about what creeps her out too. Kelly Ripa is a talk show host, and sometimes, trolls come for her, but with this example, they should know by now that she does not take them lightly. In early June, the media was blown away with pictures of Ripa's daughter Lola who was all dolled up for her prom night in a green-colored revealing dress.

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According to Ripa, her daughter found a way to alter the dress without her knowledge. She also mentioned that it took about 20 hours for her daughter to agree to a picture together. Moving forward, in October, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest put a lot of work and energy into their Halloween costumes, and it may be the best for 2019. The duo changed into several costumes while airing their talk show called "Live With Kelly & Ryan." Fans were dazzled throughout the show as they kept seeing different fantastic costumes on the hosts.

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