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How Does Camila Cabello Feel About the 'Lover' Duet Between BF Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift

Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz
By Enoch K

Taylor Swift released a Lover Remix with Shawn Mendes and fans are going crazy over the lyrics. The lyrics and chemistry come off as if they were real lovers. Both Swift and Mendes are in their own relationships, so this is completely not happening. Taylor Swift is like a big sister to Camila, so it is curious to hear how she felt about the song. Camila did not have any bad feelings about the song. She was happy the two had collaborated and released an amazing record.

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Camila is Confident

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She believes they have good chemistry because they are good artists and are friends themselves, so the chemistry was already there. It’s almost like good friends working together. A source told Hollywood Life, “There’s no jealousy here, because Camila is super confident and she’s such a supportive partner in all his endeavors. She feels it’s such a great opportunity for Shawn and she looks forward to seeing what he has planned next for fans”. What a supportive girlfriend! It’s like a big friend group.

More Coming


There’s more of this on the way! Another source says, “this will not be the last time [Taylor and Shawn] work together,” our second source adds! That’s just how successfully the Lover remix was received. “It was a no brainer and everyone is really happy about how it all turned out”. This must have been something that they've been planning for some time, but wanted to test the waters first. Smart decision! Fans from either camp were going to eat it up though. It is no brainer.

Good Friendship

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Camila might have been the orchestrator of this whole thing. Camila is very close friends with Taylor. It is to the point where Taylor even threw her a birthday party when she turned 18. Camila was extremely excited about this collab. “It was hard for her to keep this news a secret, as soon as Taylor dropped the news Camila was blowing everyone up telling them to download the song”. She sounds more excited than the actual artists! This is great to have such a supportive partner! You can both chase a bag together!

Ship This Couple

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Apparently, Shawn has dropped hints about this song coming too. Fans are convinced Shawn dropped hints about Camila in the Senorita lyrics! Camila sang, “Cause you know it’s been a long time coming / Don’t ya let me fall.” Fans also found an old Instagram Live session where they joke about being 80 years old. Low and behold, Shawn dropped that age in his collab with Taylor. “We would sit on the stoop/ I’ll sing love songs to you when we’re 80! Fans give them inspiration! Camila and Shawn are cool and confident! We will continue to support this couple.

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