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Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Getting Married During the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

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By Ben Robinson III

There aren't many celebrities who can successfully enter into a relationship in Hollywood and make it last, but superstars Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez seem to be the exception to that rule. They both exude confidence and style, so it should come as no surprise that they're both taking their relationship to the next level. Not too long ago the super couple announced plans for an upcoming wedding, though they've been very secretive about when the date will be. But talk show host Jimmy Fallon has an idea about where they should exchange their vows.

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According to PopCulture A-Rod appeared on Fallon's late-night talk show "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" for a chat, and not necessarily to reveal any plans about he and J.Lo's upcoming wedding. However, Fallon couldn't resist an opportunity to ask a few burning questions many in the audience probably had on their minds.

Fallon asked the former MLB star, "Have you picked a venue yet?" Rodriguez confirmed that they have "not yet" chosen a location, to which Fallon replied, "I have a good idea... The Super Bowl."


As hilarious as the suggestion seemed, it got A-Rod's attention as he laughed off Fallon's comment. But he went on to continue.

"She's doing the Halftime show... everyone would love it," he said. "It would be the first time anyone's ever done it. There's like 100,000,000 people watching. No one's ever done a wedding during the Super Bowl Halftime show. It would just be epic."

How crazy would that be if Fallon actually influenced these two to take their marriage to the next level by making it a part of history as the first celebrity wedding during halftime?

A-Rod kept his reply cordial.

"We're trying to think a little bit smaller," Rodriguez said with a smile. "If you do that, then you don't have to worry about not inviting people," Fallon joked. "That's right, and I can probably save some money," Rodriguez then quipped.

Perhaps having their wedding during the Super Bowl Halftime show would be the best venue since it would be televised and also be an opportunity for their huge fan base to share in their big day.

Giphy | The Academy Awards

Plus they've already expressed how they wouldn't mind having as many guests as possible at their wedding, including their exes! In an interview during 'Strahan, Sara and Keke' (via USA Today) Rodriguez honestly answered their question about whether or not they had a restricted guest list.

For one, they're planning a "standard" slow dance, rather than a big, choreographed production: "Jen doesn't choreograph anything," Rodriguez said. He expects he and Lopez will "both shed some tears." And there might be some familiar faces in the crowd: When asked whether the event would be an "ex-free zone," Rodriguez said he was all for including past partners. "I would say exes are invited to the wedding," he said. "All-inclusive. The more the merrier."

Check out A-Rod's hilarious interview with Jimmy Fallon below.

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