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Kristen Stewart Gets Honest on ‘Hot Ones' as She Promotes ‘Charlie’s Angels’

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By Gabriela Silva

Kristen Stewart is up to the challenge of taking on the ‘Hot Ones’ set and being a total badass on screen in the new film ‘Charlie’s Angels’. The film premiered last night starring Kirsten Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska and Elizabeth Banks.

The film is a reboot of the classic trio of female undercover detectives who save the world disguised under a detective agency by a wealthy mystery man, Charlie. These three women are not just beautiful, under that facade their trained in combat, secret weapons, gadgets and can handle any dangerous situation.

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First We Feast/Youtube

As part of a promotional tour, Stewart joined host Sean Evans on the popular Youtube series, ‘Hot Ones’. The show tests celebrities' abilities to withstand the heat while eating some highly praised wings and are asked some questions. Stewart got passed the first wing like a pro.

Evans asked Kristen if she learned anything from her stunt training that she will take back with her to Los Angeles, instead of answering right away, Kristen compliments Evans on the candor in his voice.

Gettyimages | Kristy Sparow

She later answered that she took up boxing and kickboxing during her time training for the film. As the heat level rises, she has seen episodes of the show and knows where the real heat is that gets people.

As the interview progresses, Evans gets deep and asks about a quote she said, “People have to try to understand that it’s very weird for me to talk to people I don’t know about something I care about so much."

Chiabella James/Sony Entertainment

Stewart has always been very open about her career in the entertainment industry. She talks about how people are expected to be a certain way and if they are not, they are perceived in a bad light. She tells Evans:

"You're expected to be present, candid and generous with people that are the opposite of those things. When you're around people that reflect something that isn’t true, you think it’s my fault that I look like a weirdo. I want to be honest about the things I care about and if I don’t feel like that's reciprocated, then I don’t owe it to that person."


She managed to give a heartfelt answer while starting to feel the sweating heat of the hot sauce. She even gave a courteous "F--k You." Stewart even addresses the famous F-bomb on her first Saturday Night Live. Don’t worry she didn’t get in trouble and the viewers surely enjoyed it.

With the traitorous last wing ready to go, she is joined by the rest of the Charlie’s Angels and they all take the spicy foe like the badass women that they are.

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