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Here’s Why Fans Have Waited So Long For the Release Date of ‘Black Adam’

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By Gabriela Silva

It as announced by Warner Bros. back in 2014, that Dwayne Johnson was cast to play Black Adam, the super villain in the Shazam comics.

For the past couple of years, its only been known knowledge and fans haven’t heard anything about film production or when he will appear on the screen. Johnson took to Instagram yesterday (November 14th) to announce the release date of ‘Black Adam’ with a heartfelt caption. It will hit the big screen on December 22nd of 2021. Fans still have to wait a little bit longer to see The Rock as a villain.

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Many fans speculated, since his casting, if he would appear in the Shazam film that premiered in April of this year. Although Black Adam did not appear in the film, his origin story and character were introduced for future installments.

Black Adam was originally meant to appear in "Shazam!" but over time the plot was changed to create an origin story for Billy Batson (Shazam). The idea of not including Black Adam in the film was supposedly suggested by Johnson, who was also an executive producer of the film.

Warner Bros.

Johnson felt that it would be best to split the origin stories for both characters. This way there was room to develop the Shazam character in his own film and then introduce the origin story of Black Adam who would become Shazam’s biggest foe.

Johnson suggested the idea to Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich to split the films into two. No one would be surprised that Warner Bros. was on board with Johnson’s idea seeing the status he holds in the entertainment business.

Giphy | SHAZAM! Movie

Black Adam will finally be seen on the big screen in the DC Universe. The Shazam film laid out well-thought easter eggs to develop the hype for the character. In the film, the origin story was only hinted when the wizard was explaining his purpose to Billy Batson in the cave.

Black Adam was once chosen as the champion by the wizard Shazam and given superhero powers. Black Adam was proved to not be “pure of heart”. Driven by revenge and hatred, Black Adam became a corrupted anti-hero.

DC Comics

Like any superhero film, you have to stay for the post-credit scenes. As the six new Shazam wizards sit on their thrones, they notice there still room for one more.

Fans of the comic books were on board when announced that Johnson would portray the anti-hero and felt that he was a perfect fit, physically and character-wise, to bring the evil wizard to life. Johnson even shared a possible depiction of what Black Adam could look like in a collaboration with Jim Lee and BossLogic. Fans have been waiting long enough for his on-screen moment.

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