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The Real Reason Behind the Success and Longetivity of NCIS Revealed by Wilmer Valderrama

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NCIS is known as an American television series, based on police action and crime-fighting. The show centers around a team of special agents who will stop at nothing to bring the bad guys to book. These agents are part of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The first time the concept of NCIS was used, was in a CBS series titled "JAG." The series is based on three main genres known as Drama, Action and Thriller. It was also brought to life by co-creators, Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill.

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Initially, this series was called "Navy NCIS," however, the producers ditched Navy saying it was not relevant. The first two seasons of this sitcom did not do well as expected as there were low ratings and views. However, by the third season, things began to get better. After the sixth season, NCIS was ranked the top 5 hit series in America. In 2011, during Harris Poll, viewers voted this show like America's favorite television show. The show has shown that it does not have any intention of slowing down anytime soon.

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On April 11, 2019, the producers of the show renewed it for the seventeenth season and it was premiered on September 24, 2019. For many years now, people have always wondered how NCIS series was able to last so long, and attain success. This is a big deal because several television shows have been terminated because viewership dropped. However, NCIS has managed to stay at the top for so long and made a lot of money. Aside from this, Aside from this, the show is also known worldwide.

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According to Wilmer Valderrama, there are a lot of great things about NCIS and its success is well-deserved. He also spoke about the uniqueness of the show and the opportunities it gave to several cast members. The 39-year-old actor in an interview with Rachel Smith from ET in New York City mentioned how amazing the team he worked with was. He also said that the show gave a lot of actors and actresses the chance to improve themselves and get better opportunities.

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In other words, this show was an eye-opener for most cast members and that is why it is so great. The show has, therefore, progressed this long because a lot of fans are interested in it and every episode is unique. In his conversation with Smith, Valderrama also took the time out to thank every cast member of the show for their contributions and love. He also mentioned that the exclusive reunion party coming up will be a great time for everyone to catch up.

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