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You Will Not Believe How Sarah Palin Learned Her Husband Of 31 Years Wanted A Divorce

By Jeff Mazzeo

It is hard to believe that you could be married to someone for over 30 years only to find out that your spouse wants a divorce via email but that is exactly what happened to Sarah Palin.

Todd Palinfiled for divorce from Sarah back in September after 31 years of marriage. Todd said the split was due to, "incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife," according to Anchorage Daily News, who first reported the news.

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You've Got Mail!


Sarah sat down with Christian broadcaster, James Dobson and opened up about the recent drama that is going down in the Palin household. Dobson asked the former Alaska Governer about Todd's action to end their marriage.

"I found out from an email from an attorney saying that she was hired and that was on June 19th, I'll never forget it. Then on Todd's birthday, a week after our 31st anniversary is when he filed, yeah. Oh, yeah. It's not easy to talk about."

Before Dobson had a chance to ask a follow-up question, Sarah interjected saying that the marriage is not done just yet.

"But it's not over yet," Palin exclaimed. "It was devastating. I thought I got shot."

"God doesn't want families to split up. I know that. To me, in a general sense, marriage is so extremely important as foundation of our nation. It helps make America that much greater, is that security of family. I'm not to the point of wanting mine to be split."

They Are In Counseling


"we're going through counseling now, so it's not over, over. Attorneys are getting rich off of us and I don't like that whole system. It makes no sense to me."

Palin continued after she was asked how the rest of her family was handling the drama.

"My kids are cool because they don't like it and that that helps me. It helps me. They're not ones to say, 'Oh, it takes two to tango.' No, they're mad because they have been brought up with that teaching that you have made a covenant with God."

"My parents, they've been married for 58 years, and my siblings. Everybody's kind of traditional family sticks together through thick and thin because you made a vow to God that through thick and thin, good and bad, you're going to make that choice to ... You're going to jump whatever hurdles are in front of you and you're going to make it, so my kids witnessing what's happening, they don't like it."

Todd Wants Joint Custody

The divorce documents state that Todd is requesting joint custody of the couple's special needs son, Trig, who is 11-years-old. Their other kids; including Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Track, are all adults.

Interesting to note, Todd has hired Alaska attorney, Kimberlee Colbo to handle the divorce. Colbo has a history with the Palin family because she represented Dakota Meyer during his divorce with Bristol Palin.

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