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Will the 'Real' Ellen DeGeneres Please Stand Up?

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By Clarissa Wilson

Everyone knows who Ellen DeGeneres is. She is daytime's funniest talk show host and comedian. DeGeneres has a very positive and upbeat attitude during the show. However, many of her fans think and expect her to be like this all the time. But, Ellen says she can't be the 'real' Ellen DeGeneres all the time. She says she isn't always so happy and upbeat, with a positive attitude all day, every day.

DeGeneres is a comedic American icon and we can't imagine a world without her show being on since it has been on the air for so long now. Seriously, what would we do without Ellen? What would we do without the positivity she throws out into the world during her show every day? Can you imagine a world without Ellen DeGeneres on TV to entertain us every single day? I sure can't!

So, will the 'real' Ellen DeGeneres please stand up?

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When you are so happy and upbeat all the time on television, where everyone is watching you, they think you should always be like that. This means never having a bad day because then you can disappoint your fans. Ellen says she can't always be like that. She is human, after all, and we humans do have bad days.

During an interview with The New York Times,Ellen says she can imagine a world where there is no Ellen DeGeneres show on TV.

One example Ellen mentioned is that her fans always think she should be dancing since she does it so much on the show. In fact, one fan walked up to her while she was walking down the street and asked for her to take a selfie with her.

Ellen says, “There’s been times someone wants a picture, and while I’m doing a selfie, they’re like: ‘You’re not dancing!’ Of course, I’m not dancing. I’m walking down the street.”

See, just because she dances a lot on the show, doesn't mean she is always in the mood to dance.

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Ellen says she is tired of being 'on' all the time. Think of it this way, DeGeneres is playing a character on her talk show. The 'character' she is playing on her show, isn't always the real her.

She says, "The talk show is me, but I’m also playing a character of a talk-show host. There’s a tiny, tiny bit of difference."

If there is one person who knows DeGeneres and who she really is when she isn't 'playing a character' on her talk show, it is her wife, Portia de Rossi. Portia actually wants her to quit the show.

She wants Ellen to quit the talk show because she says that Ellen has too much awesome talent to waste on a daytime talk show.

However, Ellen says, that isn't likely to happen, but she doesn't know what the future will hold for her. Although one day we might have a world without The Ellen DeGeneres Show, at least we know she isn't going anywhere until the summer of 2020 since she just renewed her contract with the show until then.

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Will we all see a darker side of Ellen soon? The answer is yes! Ellen has a new special coming on TV called, Relatable where she will be a little rougher around the edges and a bit tougher too. She even curses on the new show.

Relatable is a show about how she used to relate to different things. For example, she used to joke about the food on an airplane and now she has a personal chef cooking for her. After all, the woman is a multimillionaire!

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