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Kylie Jenner's Swim Line Gets RIPPED Apart On TikTok!

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By MLC on September 30, 2021 at 10:45 PM EDT

Kylie Jennerhas had A LOT to celebrate this month.

She launched her swimwear line, Kylie Swim on September 17, followed by the debut of her baby care line, Kylie Baby, and she officially announced she and Travis Scott are expecting their second child together.

While all of this is cause to celebrate, she may want to hold off after reading some reviews of her swim line.

As this generation does, they take to social media to voice their opinions, give honest reviews and absolutely annihilate their enemies.

Okay, so Kylie *may* not be an enemy here, she is definitely the target for some honest criticism.

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Many customers are expressing their disappointment over the swimsuits’ alleged poor quality, thin material and lack of integrity.

One swimwear designer named Jessica Anderson shared her review to TikTok and Reddit, and before even having tried the one-piece on, she pointed out that the material is so thin, you can actually see the Kylie Swim tag from the outside of the suit.

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“First thing I noticed is the Kylie tag. You can see it straight through the back which is kind of strange,” she said as she pulled the suit of the bag.

“The Kylie front coverage is around an inch and a half and I just personally don’t know anyone’s bodies this would work for,” she concluded.

As if a part one wasn’t enough of a review, she made a part 2. So, naturally we had to watch.

This time she actually tried on the swimsuit and explained that while the design is unique, the body coverage is barely there.

“Final thoughts. I am completely and entirely disappointed that this is completely see-through. I’ve seen the behind the scenes of what it takes to produce swimwear and the fact that no one caught this is blows my mind,” Jessica noted.

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Another TikTok user couldn’t even model the suit due of how revealing it was, saying, “The material is just paper thin… I get better swim suits at Target.” She also pointed out that you could see the messed up sewing of the seams.

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“First of all the seams are very messed up. The seaming looks terrible. It is so paper thin that, like what are these black seams on both sides? Yeah, it’s a no for me,” the TikToker exclaimed.

Other people reacted to bad reviews on Twitter and their reactions are priceless.

One person tweeted, “all the kylie swim reviews are terrible…how is she still releasing shitty quality products after the cosmetics and skincare line flopped.”

Another wrote, “These kylie swim reviews about poor quality are only hilarious because yawl had no business buying that s*** from the beginning.”

At this point in time, neither Kylie nor her business partners have issued a statement regarding the bad reviews.

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