Zoe Kravitz soon to play Catwoman in the new Batman movie is seen all covered-up with a face mask and glasses in NYC

Zoë Kravitz Finally Opens Up About Divorce & New Romance with Channing Tatum

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By TheBlast Staff on September 30, 2021 at 4:25 PM EDT
Updated on September 30, 2021 at 6:45 PM EDT

Zoë Kravitz is such a unique character. Even though she’s been in the spotlight literally her whole life due to being the daughter of Lenny Kravitz, and the fact that these days she’s very open about her views on things, she’s managed to keep a certain level of privacy. That’s why many fans were surprised when she married Karl Glusman back in 2019.

Although the pair had been married for a while. The couple though did not survive 2020. Throughout the whole ordeal, and now her new romance with Channing Tatum she’s managed to stay pretty silent. Now through talking about her music she’s talking about heartbreak! 

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The Travel Probably Killed The Relationship

Zo Kravitz Has Reportedly Filed for Divorce From Karl Glusman 18 after their wedding in Paris

In a recent interview with Another Magazine, Zoe talked about what it was like growing up with a famous dad. She mentioned that she kind of has that nomadic gene from him. She lived with her mother until she was around 10 in LA. Lenny would drop by every once in a while.

Not because he was an absent dad, but because he was on tour most of the time. He, though, makes him home in Miami and The Bahamas where his family is from. Zoe lived with him from age 11 to around 18.

From there she took her own path. Now living in between London, New York, and LA, Zoe’s nomadic lifestyle potentially proved too much for Karl Glusman. 

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She Won’t Directly Talk About The Break-Up   

Zoe Kravitz soon to play Catwoman in the new Batman movie is seen all covered-up with a face mask and glasses in NYC

Kravitz wasn’t really forthcoming with the details that led to her split. She did however mention that she poured out all of her emotions into her music.

One of the big problems for fans though is that she’s been so focused on music it could be a while before we get those heartbreak vibes from her music. She mentioned writing after her break up, 

“It’s personal. It’s about love and loss. I got married. I got divorced. Separations, break-ups are sad but are beautiful things too. It’s about the bittersweetness,”      

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No Direct Reference To Tatum But … 

Actors Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello film a driving scene for the movie Magic Mike XXL in Myrtle Beach

Another “character” that will probably pop up in her new music whenever it is that she gets around to releasing it is without a doubt, Channing Tatum.

It’s potentially he who she was thinking about when she mentioned she was excited about the new beginnings following her divorce. Even Kravitz mentioned that she goes to her music that she’s written in the past to explore what she was feeling in those moments.  

“It’s so complex, that space, when you’re in between heartbroken and mourning the loss of something and excited for what’s ahead of you.”


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A Calm Zoë Kravitz 

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As she’s moved into her thirties Kravitz feels much wiser than she was in her 20’s. One thing that she highlighted was the fact that she’s now able to make better decisions than she ever did in her 20’s. However, she’s not too stoked about having to grow old. Many people can relate to that particular feeling for sure.

“Now I’m holding on to my thirties and I’m like, “Can I just stay here, though? This is nice.” It’s great making better decisions, knowing what works for you, knowing what feels good to you, knowing what real fun is, not just the idea of fun. We’re in a sweet spot.” 

Kravitz certainly implied that one of those good decisions in her mind was letting go of her ex-husband!

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